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by michale scot - Thursday, 20 July 2017, 2:20 AM
Anyone in the world

We're doing a lot more with lasers ( . Improvements of high power fiber lasers used to form the laser beam enable the increased power levels and extended range capabilities. laser pointers provide deep magazines, low cost per shot.

You have to have the space for the weight of the laser itself. A two story laser backstop located two to three kilometers across the water. The report provides detailed industry analysis of the global laser pointer market with the help of proven research methodologies.

Between lasers and drones, the US military definitely has you covered. The idea behind the experiment was to see how well the laser performed against several unspecified targets. Don't struggle with the same airflow issues that can degrade lasers beamed from aircraft.

There are quite a few targets 60-100 kW green laser could be used to degrade or defeat. The 50 kW laser will be on an upgraded version of the current 10 kW. They have to be specifically fitted to protect against the laser pointer system.

The momentum of the green laser damaged missiles will keep them going towards the target surface ship. Now if USN does field this laser, the adversary can easily add a self destruct mechanism into the missile payload. It's developed the world's first fully functional active laser pointer specifically designed to target them.